We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Oasis Property Investments.

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338 SE 1st Ave Delray Beach Florida.

Rich was great to work with. He’s honest and goes above and beyond to serve his clients and do what’s best for them. Grateful to work with him.

- Devin Hager

Joe Home Buyer

338 SE 1st Ave Delray Beach Florida

Richard did a great job getting our Duplex sold. It was a fast and easy process all Thanks to him.

- Brent Daniels

Offer Arizona LLC

First of all I want to admit, I was a little nervous about having to do business with a realtor due to hearing a lot of negative things being said about them. So me being the oldest of five siblings, I included them in to pickup on anything I missed or didn’t understand. Also to see if things seemed a little shady to them.
Mr. Rich, was VERY TRANSPARENT from the beginning to the end! He spoke in terms which we clearly understood. Anything we didn’t understand, he explained it to us in layman’s terms until we understood! VERY PROFESSIONAL about everything! Very
 patient and never once rushed us about anything. He instructed us to contact him at anytime with any questions, problems or concerns!
Mr. Rich is TRULY A GOD SENT MAN! Because of this, doors are going to continue to open up for him. Mr. Rich, thanks for being there for us during the sell of our property! We really didn’t expect for it to sell so quickly!
Forget to mention his service dog, Gunner.
He’s the sweetest, friendliest, well mannered doggie I have ever met. Great job Gunner!

- Cynthia Jiles Riviera Beach House

Rich was very good, he listened to us and we never felt pressured or like we were being scammed. I would recommend him and his company Oasis Property Investments to anyone who is looking to sell a property on market or off market for a fast cash deal. We closed in less than 3 weeks!!!

Willie Alexander & Silvin Banks

4Plex Palm Beach County

“After many inquiries and many potential investors and buyers I chose Rich Vidot. He was professional and very helpful in getting the sale of my residential property accomplished in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him and the services he offers if you are interested in buying or selling a property”.

Maryann Bailey

West Palm Beach/Single Family

Richard Vidot has been a “God send” to me. After 10 years and several thousand dollars wasted on attorney, Richard was able to resolve a terrible situation that I was trapped in. My name was removed from the deed (without my permission) on an investment property by a partner, while my name remained on the mortgage. The second party was able to collect rents while not paying taxes, insurance or the mortgage. I was constantly receiving notices and my credit dropped dramatically as a result. My hands were tied from selling the property and I was not about to make payments while the other person collected rents. At the same time, there were numerous violations that were ignored which amounted to over one million dollars. I resolved myself that it would be forced into foreclosure, further damaging my credit. Richard was able to work with the city and got the violations reduced so he could purchase the property. I became ill over the stress of this situation and felt hopeless. Richard was in communication with me all through the process. I will be forever be grateful for what he was able to do for me.

Stephanie Strapka

Fort Lauderdale/Triplex

Great experience working with Richard (Rich) Vidot

Richard is personable, knowledgeable, and most importantly he is honest and transparent. I would definitely recommend him or do business with him again.

Michelle Gibson

Boynton Beach/Single Family House

“Rich, I want to thank you for your efforts and perseverance and getting our two transactions done. For those who don’t know I had problems with the properties in Fort Lauderdale. Both of them had over $1 million worth of code violation liens/fines. Richard (Rich) was successful in negotiating these down to something reasonable and was single-handedly responsible for allowing me to sell my properties and for that I am grateful. Richard (Rich) is a pleasure to work with and has been a man of his word. I couldn’t recommend a more highly qualified person than Rich.”

Jim Alexander

Fort Lauderdale/Triplex & Duplex

Richard came to our house to meet with my wife and I to best learn about us and our property. Rich presented confidence and expertise in his company to ease our concerns with putting our investment property on the market. We were not disappointed with the service and support we received throughout the process.

We were impressed with the level of detail Rich puts into his work. Richard was always available to us for a quick call or a response to a question or concern. When it came time to commit to an offer, there were no pressure tactics, just clear advice as needed and space when needed for us to make a decision. If I sell another property or am asked for a referral for a Realtor I would refer Richard Vidot without hesitation.

Ron Gemmer

West Palm Beach